Street Gang documentary to tackle the history of Sesame Street

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A new documentary will soon tell us how we got, how we got to Sesame Street.

Macrocosm Entertainment and Citizen Skull Productions are kickstarting a new feature documentary about the creation and history of the most beloved children’s show of all time. Based on the 2008 bestselling book by Michael Davis and directed by Mad Hot Ballroom’s Marilyn Agrelo, Street Gang will chronicle the history of Sesame Street through exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes archival footage, putting special emphasis on creator Joan Ganz Cooeny, director Jon Stone, and, of course, Jim Henson.

Sesame Street set out to educate a nation of children,” executive producer Trevor Crafts said in a statement. “In the process, it changed the world.”

The film is turning to Indiegogo to get the project off the ground and help rebuild the set from Sesame Street‘s first season. Some of the perks for Indiegogo backers include reproductions of the show’s original animation cells and original artwork by Sesame Workshop creative director Louis Mitchell. The filmmakers are donating 15 percent of the proceeds from the crowdfunding campaign to the nonprofit organization behind Sesame Street, Sesame Workshop, through its Yellow Feather Fund (which benefits vulnerable children around the world).

Street Gang will begin production later this year. For more, check out the film’s official Indiegogo page.

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